Program Management

Program management services offered @ Abhilasha Enterprises are designed with a view to provide advice and analytic data throughout the execution of a construction project. These services begin right at the start from prior planning, to detailed scheduling, to calculating the budgeting requirements of the project, to undertaking the tenders for choosing the most economical and quality conscious contractors, and finally supervising the execution till the time the construction work finishes completely and the constructed structure is ready to be moved in by the clients.

Being a major provider of this service, we @ Abhilasha Enterprises have had the distinction of bringing some smart innovations under these program management services. The past years have seen us manage Program Management projects in the field of education, wastewater management, healthcare industry and government projects. Through our program management services, we bring about the ease of finishing projects in the most productive and cost-efficient manner.

A brief look at our Program management services…

Assessing the Condition

Devising a master plan for facilities

Chalking out an Implementation plan

Planning Master Program schedule

Handling Program budget & budget control system

Conducting Cash flow Analysis

Refining Project delivery Systems

Handling MIS (Management information system)